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What is Premature Ejaculation and how can one cure from it?

Premature ejaculation has been defined by "specialists" as occuring when one partner achieves orgasm before the other in more than 50% of sexual encounters. This definition is of no use to us because it does it help distinguish the problem from other sexual or non-sexual problems, and it does not define the problem, it only defines the final outcome of the problem.

Specialists believe that premature ejaculation occurs because men have learnt to hurry for fear of being caught while masturbating. Did you hurry up for fear of being caught masturbating ? I didn't. Actually the fact is that premature ejaculation cannot be understood by someone who has not suffered from it. It is a confusing contradictory state in which our mind wonders how come our penis is so totally out of control.

Most sufferers from premature ejaculation believe that the causes are psychological. Actually premature ejaculation is a physical sexual dysfunction (in most cases) and should be treated as such. It is caused by several physical problems that work together, and in combination bring about premature ejaculation. This is why it cannot be cured by taking a medicine, or performing a single exercise. To solve the premature ejaculation problem we have to analyze all the problems that are affecting us and solve them simultaneously.

The approach taken in my book is to understand that premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction caused by the inability of the reproductive system to withstand sex. In other words it is a slight form of impotency. This may not sound right because the premature ejaculation sufferer does feel very aroused, and the feeling in the penis is that it is about to explode with pleasure. This may not fit with one's image of an impotent person. Click here to understand what is causing this feeling of exploding pleasure and what can be done to cure from it.

Exercises to cure Premature Ejaculation

In my book Last Longer and Stronger - Premature Ejaculation treated - I explain how to cure from premature ejaculation through the use of exercises and the intake of commonly available herbal supplements that can be bought over the counter.

Exercises are necessary to restore the strength in several organs of your body that, through aging or other reasons, have deteriorated in performance. Stress, inflammation and fatigue are behind the basic causes of malfunction of your body, and the first symptoms of this is a loss of balance in delicately fine-tuned processes that depend on equilibrium in the nervous system and in the organism of your body.

In following my book's treatement you will be required to follow a programme of simple, yet possibly demanding, exercises. You will also have to adjust your diet simply to eat healthier food and will be advised to take some natural supplements and to eventually understand how much of what you will have to take. This understanding will enable you to compensate for inefficiencies in your body. You will realise where your physical weaknesses are and that what is required is no more than a micro-dosage of some naturally occurring substances to compensate for these weaknesses.

Unfortunately there is no simple cure to this problem, to my knowledge. A pill like Viagra does not exist for premature ejaculation. They are trying to push Viagra claiming that it will enable you to have multiple orgasms and that the second one may last longer than the first. This may be true for some people but not in general, and it is a very unhealthy solution to a health problem. A recent medical research study showed that taking an anti-depressant (Prozac) prior to sex can increase intercourse duration by 19%. What a failure for the medical world!

To get real results you have to return your body to a healthy state and this will require a bit of work - But you will be suprised how easy it is once you get in the habit of doing yourself good. It will not only improve your sex life (which is a lot) but will improve your health and your life in general.

Click here for more information about my cure from premature ejaculation, and to be able to last longer in bed



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